About Me

Ive always had an insatiable curiosity for the written word and language. My favourite subject in school was alwayssurpriseEnglish, and my favourite assignment was always essay-writing! I love to read, research and create engaging text. Recognizing that writing and editing are the best ways to appreciate and cultivate these irrepressible traits, I received university degrees in mass communication, sociology and journalism. Upon graduation from journalism school, I was an intern at Chatelaine magazine, then assistant editor at Homemakers magazine and then writer/editor at the Art Gallery of Ontario. In May 2003, with my six-month-old son in tow, I launched my freelance editing and writing business, Planet Word.

Im an active member of the Toronto branch of Editors Canada. Im co-chair of Editors Toronto, as well as the former seminars chair and seminars vice-chair. Im also a regular contributor to BoldFace, the branchs blog. As administrative director of the Rowers Reading Series, I collaborate with the artistic director/board president, treasurer and web director to manage the monthly reading series, which includes strategic planning, securing promotional coverage for each event, assisting with grant applications, brainstorming ideas for authors, and recording and distributing minutes for board meetings. Im a member of  The Canadian Childrens Book Centre, the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) and the Canadian Society of Childrens Authors, Illustrators and Performers. I copy edit content for Networds, the blog of PWAC Toronto, and I mentor novice editors via Editors Canada and novice writers via PWAC.

I live in east Toronto with my husband, our teenaged bilingual son and our amazing retired racer greyhound, Aquaman. And, contrary to urban myth, I do not work in my pajamas!

When Im not writing, editing or imagining life as a bestselling author, I enjoy hatha yoga, gardening, theatre and movies, travelling, baking, antiquing and spilling ink for my first book, a YA novel.

Please visit my profiles on the websites of Editors Canada and the Professional Writers Association of Canada, as well as my listing on LinkedIn, to learn more about me, my skills and my experience.

Thank you visiting my website!