The following links provide a cross-section of my freelance work and my volunteer projects:

Book reviews
Canadian Children’s Book News: Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic; Killer Style;
Running Through SprinklersMissing Mike; The Heart’s Song; Munro vs. the Coyote#NotYourPrincess: Voices of Native American Women

Quill & Quire: Kasey & IvyFinding HopeBlankOn the Edge; The Big Apple Effect; Hustle; A Taste of Heaven; Live to TellWhatever

National Reading Campaign: Touch of GoldA Beginner’s Guide to Immortality; How to Outfox Your Friends When You Dont Have a ClueA Morning to Polish and Keep; War in My TownBest Friends Through Eternity; Foodprints: The Story of What We EatPoppy Cat; The Traveling CircusDelusion RoadAvis DolphinFemme; The World Without Us; The Farmerettes; Through the Woods; The Sweetest Thing You Can Sing; The Art of Getting Stared At; A Hole in My Heart; How to Win at High School

Books copy edited or proofread
Frying Plantain by Zalika Reid-Benta (House of Anansi Press)

Downside Up by Richard Scrimger (Tundra Books/Penguin Random House Canada)
Now You Know Canada: 150 Years of Fascinating Facts by Doug Lennox (Dundurn Press)
The Nordic Guide to Living 10 Years Longer (Greystone Books)

Dance of the Banished by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch (Pajama Press)
Bad Pirate by Kari-Lynn Winters (Pajama Press)
The Edgy Veg: 138 Carnivore-Approved Recipes by Candice Hutchings (Robert Rose Inc.)
The Chile Pepper Bible by Judith Finlayson (Robert Rose Inc.)
Middenrammers by John Bart (Freehand Books)
Around the World in 80 Maps (Firefly Books)
Night of the Living Dead, Volume 1: The Sins of the Father (Firefly Books)
Water: Exploring the Blue Planet (Firefly Books)

Saving for School by Gail Vaz-Oxlade (HarperCollinsCanada)
Dirty Science: 25 Experiments with Soil by Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone (Scholastic)
Bailey’s Visit by Susan Hughes (Scholastic Canada)
Dojo Daycare
by Chris Tougas (Owlkids Books)
The Story Starts Here!
by Caroline Merola (Owlkids Books)
Goodnight, You
by Geneviève Côté (Kids Can Press)
Loula Is Leaving for Africa 
by Anne Villeneuve (Kids Can Press)
by Kim Firmston (James Lorimer)
Academic Freedom in Conflict
, edited by James L. Turk (James Lorimer)
Pension Confidential by Robert Drummond and Chris Roberts (James Lorimer)
Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screw Jobs by Pat Laprade and Bertrand Hebert (ECW Press)
The Naked Truth by Lisa Brandt (self-published e-book)

Copy editing and proofreading
Art Gallery of Ontario: Members’ Magazine, spring/summer 2019; Members’
Magazine, fall 2017/winter 2018;  AGO Experience, spring 2017; Art Matters, spring 2017 (Vol. 25, No. 2); Art Matters, spring 2016 (Vol. 24, No. 2)
Transcontinental Media: Investment Executive’s 2019 Mutual Fund Guide
Dolce Media Group: Dolce magazine, summer 2018; City Life magazine, April/May 2018
Havergal College: Torch, spring/summer 2019; Torch, spring 2018Torch, fall 2017, and Annual Report 2016–17; Torch, fall 2016, and Annual Report 2015–16; Grad Profile 2016; ViewBookTorch, spring 2016; Torch, fall 2015; Annual Report, 2014–15
Toronto Foundation: Toronto’s Vital Signs Report 2017/18
Scarborough Town Centre: Scarborough Town Centre Achieves Major Sales Milestone, May 2016 press release; Guards with Gifts, holiday 2014 press release
Sunnybrook Research Institute Magazine, 2018
The Globe and Mail: Sunnybrook Magazine, fall 2016 Sunnybrook Magazine, spring 2016 Sunnybrook Magazine, fall 2015Sunnybrook Magazine, spring 2015

The Globe and Mail: Up front magazine for PricewaterhouseCoopers, fall 2016;  Up front magazine, winter 2015–16; Up front magazine, summer 2014
The Globe and Mail: Canadian University Report, 2017

The Globe and Mail: The Next Million, October 2105;  The Next Million, June 2015
The Globe and Mail: Peter Munk Cardiac Centre magazine, winter 2019;  Peter Munk Cardiac Centre magazine, winter 2017;  Peter Munk Cardiac Centre magazine, winter 2016
McMichael Canadian Art Collection: Annual Report, 2017–18; Annual Report, 2016–17;  Annual Report, 2015–16; 
Annual Report, 201415
McMichael Canadian Art Collection: McMichael Magazine, summer & fall 2015; McMichael Magazine, winter & spring 2015
McMichael Canadian Art Collection: summer & fall 2015 programs brochure
Your Oral Health.ca: spring/summer 2019; winter 2018summer/fall 2017;
fall 2016/winter 2017;  spring/summer 2016fall/winter 2015–16 spring/summer 2015fall/winter 2014–15 

Ontario Dental Association: Annual Spring Meeting 2019 Preliminary Guide;
Annual Spring Meeting 2018 Preliminary Guide
Your Association 2013–2014

Art Gallery of Ontario: Year in Review, 2015-2016; Year in Review, 2014–2015; Year in Review, 2013–2014; Weston Family Learning Centre

Writing, copy writing, editing, editorial consulting
Consulting Dietitians Network/Dietitians of Canada: Dietitians in Private Practice:
A Guide for the Consultant, Fourth Edition

Art Gallery of Ontario: Revealing the Early Renaissance: 10 Tips for a Great Visit,
Whats OnClose Encounters and the Art Rental + Sales Gallery
Art Gallery of Ontario: Spring 2014 School Programs Poster
Print edition of BoldFace, 2014 issue
Scarborough Town Centre: Scarborough Town Centre Unveils New SWEET MRKT, November 2016 press release;  Scarborough Town Centre Unveils First Phase of New TASTE MRKT, July 2016 press release; Scarborough Town Centre and The Scarborough Hospital Foundation Announce New Partnership, fall 2014 press release

Periodical features and articles (writing)
Canadian Children’s Book News,  summer 2014 issue: With Flying Colours

Canadian House & Home
Canadian Health
Elevate magazine
Ignite magazine: New Year, New You!; Progressive Extended-Stay Programs;
Green Businesses

Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market: 2020 edition: The Name Game: Book Titles and Their Roles;  2019 edition: Getting an Agent 101;
2018 edition: Selling Your Book & Your Brand: Trends in Marketing and Promoting Fiction; 2017 edition: Creative Cures for Writers Block;
2016 edition: The Ins and Outs of Outlines; 2015 edition: Breaking In: An Author Roundtable, Anatomy of a Successful Short Story; 2014 edition
: Writing an Irresistible Query
Ontario Dentist: Burlington Dental Academy
Your Oral Health.ca: fall/winter 2016-17 issue: The Space in Between; fall/winter 2015–16 issue: Dental Specialties – Profile of a Pediatric Dentist; fall/winter 2014–15 issue: The Daily Grind;  spring/summer 2014 issue: Dental Specialties Profile of a Periodontist;  spring 2013 issue: Brushing and  Flossing and Rinsing. Oh My!; winter 2013 issue: Expecting a Baby?; fall/winter 2013–14 issue: You Could Really Use a Mint!
Ontario Dentist: June 2014 issue: Working Wonders in Northern Ontario

Volunteer posts and editing for BoldFace, the blog of Editors Toronto
Editor for Life: Sandra O’Brien, editor of Canadian Children’s Book News
Editor for life: Marnie Lamb, freelance editor, indexer, and writer
Editor for Life: Mary Norris: author, query proofreader, and keynote speaker at the Editors Canada Conference 2016
Editor for Life: Patrick Walsh, editor-in-chief and brand manager at Outdoor Canada
Editor for Life: Nita Pronovost, editorial director at Simon & Schuster Canada
By the Book: HarperCollins Canadas managing editor Noelle Zitzer’s reading highlights

Q&A: Linden MacIntyre on the author/editor relationship
Q&A: Mary Lawson on the author/editor relationship
Q&A: Elizabeth Berg on the author/editor relationship