Talk of the Town

I’ve built my solid reputation on eagle-eye attention to detail, engaging text, comprehensive research, never-missed deadlines and a can-do attitude. In business, as in life, it’s always wise to get another opinion, so here’s what a collection of my clients, colleagues and sources have to say about my freelance work:

“Jennifer, this is terrific. A Thanksgiving dinner of a piece. You’re a delight to work with. Thanks for sending!”Elizabeth Berg, New York Times-bestselling and award-winning author

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m really happy with your work. Your edits are nice and thoroughjust the way I like it! I will definitely keep you at the top of my [freelance] list!”Erin Holmes, Managing Editor, Coeditions, Firefly Books

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for more than four years. Working with several blue chip clients on custom content projects requires flexibility and incredible attention to detail, and Jennifer excels at these. Her expertise and diligence in everything she does have been huge assets to our team. Jennifer is a perfectionist with an eagle eye, who would be an asset to any organization. She is our go-to copy editor and proofreader, and I recommend her without reservation.”—Liz Massicotte, Program Manager, Globe Edge Content Studio, The Globe and Mail

“I decided to read through your [book] review right away and it’s fabulous! Thank you so much!”—Sandra O’Brien, Editor, Canadian Children’s Book News

“Great article all around. Your research abilities are amazing. I could learn a lot from you.”Kim Staflund, Publisher, Polished Publishing Group

“Thank you for editing my third book in the Abigail’s Dream Adventures book series. Your superior knowledge of your craft is amazing, and your interest and personal attention to my manuscript made me feel very comfortable working along with you. I look forward to working on future projects with you.”Karen E. Franks, author, Abigail’s Dream Adventures series

“It’s always a good experience working with Jennifer. Whether she’s proofreading, editing or copy writing, she tackles it all with energy, skill and a keen eye for detail. She responds quickly and delivers, as promised. It’s great knowing we have her as our secret weapon.”
Malene Hjørngaard, Senior Design and Production Coordinator,
Art Gallery of Ontario

“Jennifer is an ultra-professional (copy) editor, who never fails to do great work on everything I give her. Her skills and work ethic are first-rate, and she is completely reliable re: deadlines (even very tight ones—and she doesn’t complain!). She’s equally adept at editorial, native, branded and advertorial [content]. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”—Steve Tustin, former Senior Editor, Edge Content Studio, The Globe and Mail

“I’ve known and worked with Jennifer since 1997, first as a fellow editor at Homemakers magazine and now in a freelance capacity. She’s been my go-to source for writing, copy editing, fact-checking and proofreading for the last decade. Jennifer is a stand-out in terms of editorial talent: she’s exceptionally detail-oriented, creative, an enthusiastic team player, insightful and consistently beats deadlines. Simply put, she’s an absolute pleasure to work with; I can’t recommend her enough.”Julia Kuipers, Manager, Editorial and Design Services, Ontario Dental Association

“The Dietitians of Canada’s Consulting Dietitians Network embarked on a big endeavour to update Dietitians in Private Practice: A Guide for the Consultant, and we hired Jennifer to be our consulting writer/editor. Throughout the entire process, Jennifer was extremely patient, diligent and flexible. Her attention to detail is unsurpassed; she caught many points we overlooked. For example, she provided us with an initial copy edit of our manual, where her attention to detail really shone through, and her comments spurred us in the right direction. She was always open to our ideas, comments and questions, and she was able to accommodate them without fail. Jennifer also formulated our ‘Dietitians Spotlight’ segments, which she composed with a personable and relatable tone.

Our experience working with Jennifer has been an absolute pleasure. We would hire her again without a doubt for future projects. We recommend her to anyone needing expertise with professional writing or editing for any project—big or small!”Jodi Robinson, consulting dietitian, fitness professional and owner of Craving Health; Amanda Hamel, administrator for Consulting Dietitians Network

“At two different magazines I have hired Jennifer as a proofreader, though I’ve also become acquainted with her full suite of editorial skills. The results have been excellent: she is detail oriented, a stickler for consistency and is always flexible in finding solutions.
In the custom publishing field, what the client wants often trumps the style guide, and Jennifer is the best example of knowing the rules well enough to break them occasionally.
I would recommend her without reservation for anything from small editing tasks to complex projects, like developing style guides.”Charlene Rooke, Chief Content Officer and Publisher, BC Business; Contributing Editor, LCBO Food & Drink; former Editorial Director, Custom Content Group, The Globe and Mail

“Thanks a lot Jennifer! Everything’s looking good. I appreciate your catches!”
Sarah Howden, former Managing Editor, Owlkids Books; freelance editor

“Thanks for writing such a great, thorough, well-researched article.  I’m so happy with how your piece turned out! It’s very informative, and I think our readers will love it. It’s a pleasure working with you, Jennifer. Your pieces are wonderful!”Rachel Randall, former Editorial Director, Writer’s Digest Books at F+W  Media, Inc.;  Content Editor for Barefoot Proximity

“Thank you, Jennifer. You did a great job with this. The editor . . . was pleased with your thoroughness.”Erin Alladin, Managing Editor and Publicist, Pajama Press

“Jennifer is an excellent addition to any team. She’s smart, creative, organized and meets deadlines. She’s a good writer, as well as editor and manager. And she’s a pleasure to work with.”Sally Armstrong, member of the Order of Canada; award-winning human rights activist; bestselling author; former Editor-in-Chief, Homemakers magazine

“Jennifer is a rock-solid copy editor and fact-checker. She’s keen to point out discrepancies and offers logical, concrete solutions for fixing copy that’s not working. She’s everything an editor should be: serious, informed, punctual, accommodating and amiable. Plus, her quick wit makes her a delight to be around.”Tina Anson Mine, freelance writer, editor and media consultant; former section editor of Canadian Living

“Jennifer was instrumental in helping me launch my freelance career. She was generous with her knowledge and time, and she suggested concrete steps to reach my goal of gaining clients. A consummate professional, she followed up on my progress, introduced me to others in the industry and encouraged me to take a leadership role in my professional association. A good mentor has the experience to guide others; a great one continues to lead by example long after the mentee’s own career takes flight. Jennifer is a great mentor.”Michelle Schriver, Assistant Editor, Advisor Group at TC Media

“At the risk of alienating the other volunteers, Jennifer is the one of the best-kept secrets of BoldFace, the official blog of Editors Toronto. Each year she comes up with unique ideas for blog columns, ensuring the content schedule is studded with lively, engaging articles that will reinforce the association’s brand and ultimately add value to membership. To top it off, she always hands in materials well ahead of deadline and is the easiest person to work with.”—Nadiya Osmani, former Editor-in-Chief, BoldFace; former Publications Chair, Editors Toronto